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For some days I've been looking forward to build QtWebkit with V8 support.

I found lot of resources over the internet, some of them old like this one from 2010:

"For some time it has been possible to build and run QtWebKit on Linux using Google's V8 JavaScript engine instead of the default JavaScriptCore."

And this one from 2011:

The current trunk should also build now with: Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --v8

I also found this one:

THE PROJECT WAS ABANDONED [bugreports.qt-project.org]

The --v8 doesn't seems to be recognized in Webkit's build_webkit script and there doesn't seems to be a similar option.

A find in Webkit's source revealed v8 tests and bindings existing in the project.

So it's there a way to build QtWebkit with v8 or is it abandoned?

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People at #qtwebkit (freenode.net) said that V8 support was abandoned.

But I found this that may be worth trying:

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