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I have a simple groovy script that generates xml

def builder = new groovy.xml.StreamingMarkupBuilder()
def person1 = {
firstname("John" )
lastname("Smith" )
def person2 = {
firstname("Jane" )
lastname("Doe" )
def personList = {
"person-list" {
out << person1
out << person2
println builder.bind(personList)

However, when this xml is printed...it prints everything in one line. So output is:

<person-list><person id='99'>test</person><person id='100'><firstname>Jane</firstname><lastname>Doe</lastname></person></person-list>

Is there a way to print this in a well formatted manner like the following?

      <person id='99' >
      <person id='100' >
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println XmlUtil.serialize


Here is Groovy doc

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See Best way to pretty print XML response in grails for an all-Groovy answer.

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