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Does anyone how can I do a time difference count in Javascript?


If I have the following time (24H format)

startTime = 0615
endTime = 1530
breakTime = 0030

how can I get the following output?

diffB4Break = 7.15 hours
afterBreak = 6.45 hours
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0030 - is that a string or something? If not, it would get interpreted as an octal number literal and equal 24_10 –  Bergi Feb 4 '13 at 4:19

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There are complications here, for example you would need to know what the maximum shift was, and whether it is possible for a worker to be scheduled to work over the threshold of a day, i.e. start work at 2300 and finish at 0900.

It very quickly becomes clear why it's better to use a Date/Time object to handle dates and time-deltas.

In Javascript have a look at Date

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Based on @Guffa's answer here:

function parseTime(s) {
   var c = s.split(':');
   return parseInt(c[0]) * 60 + parseInt(c[1]);
var startTime = '6:45';
var endTime = '15:30';
var diff = parseTime(endTime) - parseTime(startTime);           
var min = diff % 60;
var hrs = parseInt(diff / 60);
alert(hrs + ":" + min);
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