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in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests I want to change my CSS to not use 20 different graphics files any more, but instead use 1 file and then change the offset.

However, I find it very difficult to create these files from scratch - is there a developer tool that can create such a combined file for me from a number of source image files?

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SpriteMe is a JS bookmarklet that is supposed to automage css sprite creation on an existing site. I've heard it's amazing.

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You're looking for a "CSS Sprite Builder" - Google will find you loads. Here's an online one:

CSS Sprites - Online CSS Sprite Builder / Generator

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Check that tool (in eng)

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Have you considered using a graphics tool like Paint.NET? You could use Paint.NET to add each image to a layer, adjust the position of each layer and then flatten all layers into a single image and then store that image on your web server.

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