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I want to know this code is necessary to use in SQLcipher.(using in android)

I am confused where and when should i use this if needed.

i want to encrypt my sqlite db.

ATTACH DATABASE 'encrypted.db' AS encrypted KEY 'secret'; -- create a new encrypted database
CREATE TABLE encrypted.t1(a,b); -- recreate the schema in the new database (you can inspect all objects using SELECT * FROM sqlite_master)
INSERT INTO encrypted.t1 SELECT * FROM t1; -- copy data from the existing tables to the new tables in the encrypted database
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The sample code you have posted below allows you to attach a database and replicates a single table into from an existing database. If you intend on replicating the schema and content from one database to another, it is recommended to use the convenience function sqlcipher_export. You can read more about it with examples here.

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