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I am trying to create my own custom Animation and I was hoping to use the Matrix that I can obtain from the Transformation object I receive in the call to

applyTransformation(float interpolatedTime, Transformation t)

However the Android documentation is pretty poor for the Matrix I receive from my call to t.getMatrix(). Below are my questions:

1) Would it be possible to just increase the height of a view element. Ex: The view container goes from 10 width 10 height and animates to 10 width and 50 height using this matrix? Could I use the scale method based upon a pivot value?

2) Do I have to change the matrix everytime applyTransformation is called with a new interpolated time?

3) How does creating a custom matrix work? Does it apply the matrix to every point? If so how do I represent a single point as a matrix and how do I think about setting up the values of my animation matrix?

4) Does anyone have a good tutorial or sample I could read on using this Matrix object or more details on this? I would appreciate reading up more on this.

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