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These are look like silly questions, but I want to clarify my doubts.

I know C-programming, its a programming language, for this I need a compiler like turboc or turboc3 or devc++ and others. If I want to compile a Java program I need JDK and jre., but in linux, with the terminal we can compile all kind of programming languages.

  1. How it is possible?
  2. Now I want to compile OpenCL program, which compiler I need??, I know that we need OpenCL SDK according to GPU company. I want to write a CUDA program.
  3. CUDA is a platform or programming language? if it is a programming language, then
  4. Which compiler I need to compile a CUDA program?.
  5. Are there any specifications to write CUDA program? I want to write OpenACC program.
  6. What I need to write the program and what I need for compilation? I want to write OpenMP program.
  7. What I need to write the program and what I need for compilation?
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You need neither TurboC (which is horribly out of date) nor DevC++ (which is rubbish). Get yourself gcc (with Code::Blocksif you need an IDE) or Visual C Express. –  paxdiablo Feb 4 '13 at 6:20
Newlines exist for a reason: to be used. –  Thomas Feb 4 '13 at 6:32
Thank you so much for your information; I know that TurboC is out of date and DevC++ is rubbish, but what i want is not provided by your answer.. i want to know the other alternatives, i only mentioned about linux compiler (which is gcc).. my curiosity is to know about OpenCL and OpenACC(GPU Accelerators).. –  Fakruddeen Feb 4 '13 at 9:09

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  • Linux has the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc) that supports many languages (even Java is partially supported)
  • CUDA and OpenCL use C-like but customized programming languages and specs are available from the project websites. These compilers are part of they SDKs.
  • OpenMP and OpenACC are a cross platform APIs. Libraries are available for several languages.
  • Try to google first.
  • Better to write one program at time.
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