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I need your help concearning the Android Preference API and working with the onPreferenceChange listener.

(I will parse some sourcecode externally as I don't want the post to be bloated up)

I implemented a Settings Screen according to the Google Developer Docs using the Preference API:

So far so good. I have two activities in my App. One main acticity launching fragments and now a SettingsActivity that also opens a fragment (as the Activity Methods are mostly deprecated):

public class SettingsActivity extends PreferenceActivity {

  FragmentManager man;
  FragmentTransaction trans;

  protected void onCreate(Bundle states) {


    man = getFragmentManager();
    trans = man.beginTransaction();
    trans.replace(, new SettingsFragment());

So far so good as well but here comes my problem. (This is the fragment that gets opened:

My problem is that I was unsure how to get changes in my Settings Screen to be stored and processed in the rest of my app. I found the "SharedPreferences" and wanted to use them. As you can see in my class I create 5 seperate Preference Objects, create listeners for every one of them and then in the actual OnPreferenceChangeListener check for the key and then change their SharedPreference values accordingly.

But for some reason I'm getting really random results. For example checking all the checkboxes turns all the values in my Map (the System Out) to "true", however changing them back doesn't turn them back to "false" until the next value changes (e.g. unchecking another Box)

Now, I'm really not sure if that's just because of the way I check the values (because it updates the values after the check?) Why would it work for false --> true then?

This isn't really a specific question but I hope somebody can help me out with this. Am I making an obvious mistake? Or is there maybe a better way of handling Preferences for an Application? As I said, the documentations on this subject are really...not that good. They either show the first steps on how to create the Settings screen and then leave you at that or they talk about SharedPreferences in an activity based environment without having input from the Preferences API to begin with.

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maybe you need OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener not OnPreferenceChangeListener, OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener fires everytime when every preference is changed. take a look at this post… and this example… – Georgy Gobozov Feb 4 '13 at 8:14
Judging from the example code (2nd link) that would mean I saved all the preferences myself in an onjebect or as individual booleans or what not? I got the OnSharedPreferenceListener to work and could read out my respective values and just save them as static primitives in my Settings class. Would that be more advisable? Or should I read out the values somewhere else as well (needing to implement another listener) – AreusAstarte Feb 4 '13 at 13:19

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