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I have a 1000 page PDF file. I need to move its last two pages at 3rd and 4th position. I'm using pdftk but I cannot move them in desired manner. How can I do it?

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do you want move ante-penultimate-*last* pages in third and fourth place, eliminating page 3 and 4 from pdf? or swapping positions between pages ante-penultimate-*last* and 3-4? Or, again, moving ante-penultimate-*last* pages in third and fourth place keeping pages 3 and 4 placing these in fifth and sixth place?

assuming you want move ante-penultimate-*last* in third and fourth position inside the pdf multipage file, for a pdf file consisting in 16 pages, you need to type

pdftk input.pdf cat 1-2 15 16 3-14 output reordered.pdf

sample input file 16 pages long: http://ge.tt/8JtC8QX/v/0

resulting output: http://ge.tt/8JtC8QX/v/1

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