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How I can find the list of Indexes for a given database in Sybase?

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Query against sysobjects and sysindexes:
SELECT o.name,
  FROM sysobjects o
  JOIN sysindexes i
    ON (o.id = i.id)

Documentation on the interpretation of the sysobjects and sysindexes system tables is available on the Sybase web-site.

Load up stored procedure library from http://www.edbarlow.com/ and type in sp__helpindex

or use the Sybase-provided sp_helpindex which expects the table-name as a parameter.

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To get a complete list of indexes in Sybase ASE we can use the following query -

select si.* from sysobjects so, sysindexes si where so.id = si.id and si.indid > 0

keepin in mind that a simple select between sysobjects system table and the sysindexes table will give table names along with index names if non-clustered indexes exists. Check the following link for more information -

Sybase ASE - How to find index list in a sybase database

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SELECT Object_name(id)
FROM   sysindexes si
WHERE  indid > 0  
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