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I'm using ubuntu 12.10 bundled doxygen version for documenting a c++ source code base.

I'm encountering a problem with a macro (only one, but not the others). The problematic macro is defined exactly this:

   #define MYNS_ENFORCE(cond, ex) \
   if (!(cond)) throw ex

Doxygen works well with other macros. What it does with the other macros is to list in a MACROS section something like this:

   #define MY_MACRO(param)

And later, in the detailed section, it lists the macro expansion value.

But for the problematic macro it lists something like this:

   #define MYNS_ENFORCE(cond, ex) 
   if (!(cond)) throw ex

All in the brief section and nothing for the detailed section. I tried to search but I found no example similar to this.

My configuration for the macro expansion is the following one:




Could anyone give a hint or solution?

Thanks in advance.

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version of doxygen using. Kindly use the latest –  Vineet1982 Feb 15 '13 at 10:16

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