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I want to use the data analysis toolpack (and perform other analyses) on data which (unintentionally) have strings where there should be numbers. For example, I might have a column:

don't know,

I use the following statement to generate a new column:




I'm unable to do data analysis on these because of the "". However, if I just type the following into cells skipping the third row, I am able to do analysis:


Any tips on how to properly do this replacement using missing values is appreciated. Thanks,

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Do the following:

  1. Apply your above formula to the range of data.
  2. Copy and paste special as values entire column with formula to the same range.
  3. Apply autofilter (better have column header for this above the data).
  4. Filter only (Blanks).
  5. Select all filtered cells and press Delete or select Clear Contents from the right-click menu.

Thus you'll get the new list that match your requirements. A bit straightforward, but will go) Good luck!

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