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If I want to mock a class that returns a string that is used to determine whether while loop should continue (imagine read while string != null), how can I set the expectation. I have tried the following:

    provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return("1,10,20");
    provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return(null);

but when it is called twice in the same method, it returns the first string on both occasions, whereas I want it to return the second value (null) if called a second time.

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I think you can just stick the repeat on the end of the syntax you're currently using.

provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return("1,10,20").Repeat.Once();
provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return(null).Repeat.Once();


 provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return("1,10,20").Repeat.Once();
    provider.Reader.Expect(r => r.ReadLine()).Return(null);

if you have any calls beyond 2nd call that you want to use second expectation.

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I'm not familiar with the syntax you're using. I would write this as:


To ensure that you're specifying the number of times that things are to be repeated. (Don't have Visual Studio to hand, syntax may not be exact.)

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This is the 3.5 fluent syntax. –  Colin Desmond Sep 23 '09 at 20:28

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