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How I add checkbox after span in below code.

var aaa = $('<a/>')
.html("<span>"  "</span >" + " <span>""</span> ")                       
.attr('data-transition', 'slide') 
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Your .html() has several issues with concatenation:

.html("<span>"  "</span >" + " <span>""</span> ")    
     //------^^^^--------------------^^--------useless quotes are here.

this way:

.html("<span></span ><input type='checkbox' value='' />" + " <span>""</span> ") 

this way:

 .html("<span></span >" + " <span></span><input type='checkbox' value='' />") 

or after both:

.html("<span></span> <input type='checkbox' value='' />" + " <span></span><input type='checkbox' value='' />") 
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just add the html tag for checkbox inside <span> try this

 .html("<span> <input type='checkbox' value='value' />test<input type='checkbox' value='value1' />test1</span >") ;         
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You can also make use of the html option.

var $a = $("<a/>", {
  "data-transition": "slide",
  "html": $("<input>", {
    "type": "checkbox"

It will render this HTML:

<a data-transition="slide"><input type="checkbox"></a>
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