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How can we create push notification service without using GCM to send the messages to a single android device. I need not to use GCM because it is very slow and is a beta version.

Can any one please help me in this.

Thanks in advance.


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Just create a process and keep polling from your server. If your user does not worry about extra bandwidth and extra battery that your app will cost them. (I don't see a reason why you don't use GCM) –  Calvin Feb 4 '13 at 8:18
When I use GCM it is instantaneous. –  Simon Zettervall Feb 4 '13 at 8:29

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Google Cloud Messaging is no in beta at all. :)

If you want to avoid using Google's service, better not to re-implement it. Try to use other frameworks, like Amazon's SNS for example:




Or something else.

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Or something else ?! –  Amer Hadi Nov 13 '14 at 6:20
Is OpenMobster down I cannot find it anymore? –  confile Jan 21 at 18:59

You can install PSB ( http://pservicebus.codeplex.com/ ) and use the Java client API ( https://github.com/rpgmaker/PServiceBus-Java-Client ) to communicate between your android devices.

When creating application using the Java Client API. You can create a message such as.

public class Notification {
   public int Id;
   public String Message;

And when subscribing to the message on your android application, you simply apply a filter upon subscribing.


PSBClient.Subscribe(Notification.class, new Action<Notification>() {
   public void execute(Notification msg){
      //Do something with message
}, "Id = UniqueAndroidID");

When Publishing the message to a particular device, you simply do the following:

Notification message = new Notification();
message.Id = 10003432;//Unique Android ID
message.Message = "Hello Android Device";
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