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I have a piece of code that is

    $excelFile = '/tmp/sheet.xls' ;
    $inputFileType = PHPExcel_IOFactory::identify($excelFile);
    $objReader = PHPExcel_IOFactory::createReader($inputFileType);
    $objPHPExcel = $objReader->load($excelFile);
    $objWorkSheet = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet();
    $highestRow = $objWorkSheet->getHighestRow();
    $hightestColumn = $objWorkSheet->getHightestColumn();
    $hightestColumnIndex = PHPExcel_Cell::columnIndexFromString($highestColumn);

    echo '<table>'."\n" ;
    for($row=2; $row<$highestRow ; ++$row){
    echo '<tr>'."\n" ;
    for($col=0; $col < $highestColumnIndex ; ++$col){
    echo '<td>'.$objWorksheet->getCellByColumnAndRow($col,$row)->getValue().'</td>'."\n";
    echo '</tr>'."\n" ;
  echo '</table>'."\n" ;

But when this code execute I do not get any file display. I also tried to put debugs to check where it failed, I could localize the error to getActiveSheet. Any help would be appreciated Thanks

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What's the error or exception you see around getActiveSheet? What's $inputFileType set to? What's $objWorkSheet set to after that point? –  ernie Feb 4 '13 at 18:46

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Try import PHPExcel like this:

spl_autoload_unregister(array('YiiBase', 'autoload'));
Yii::import('application.vendors.PHPExcel', true);
$this->objPHPExcel = new PHPExcel();
spl_autoload_register(array('YiiBase', 'autoload'));
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thanks, but it turned out there were lots of typos that were bringing the house down, once corrected all worked. –  friedFingers Feb 15 '13 at 10:28
your solution is when create new excel but hi try to import existing excel file not to export. –  TotPeRo May 29 '14 at 20:58

Here is how i display the imported excel file and works:

    Yii::import("application.vendors.phpexcel.Classes.PHPExcel", true);

    $inputFileType = PHPExcel_IOFactory::identify($path);
    $objReader = PHPExcel_IOFactory::createReader($inputFileType); //Excel5);
    $objPHPExcel = $objReader->load($path);


    foreach ($objPHPExcel->getWorksheetIterator() as $worksheet) {
        foreach ($worksheet->getRowIterator() as $row) {
                $cellIterator = $row->getCellIterator();
                $cellIterator->setIterateOnlyExistingCells(false); // Loop all cells, even if it is not set
                foreach ($cellIterator as $cellIndex=>$cell) {
                    if (!is_null($cell)) {
                        if($rowIndex >1 && $cellIndex<=55){
                                echo $cellVal;
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