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I use PieMenu in my Java project and i don't know how to make it half circle something like this one. Also is there any specific way to add the icons to every JMenuItem because as stated in their notes there'are some issues related to adding items to the menu.

Known Problems Don't do something like this:

PieMenu pieMain = new PieMenu(); JMenuItem item = new JMenuItem("File");

pieMain.add(item); item.setEnabled(false);

Although this should work, it doesn't, due to a quirk in this implementation. However, you can do the following instead:

PieMenu pieMain = new PieMenu(); JMenuItem item = pieMain.add("File"); item.setEnabled(false);

enter image description here

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Can you add all your code to the question so that it would be easier just to copy and paste it over so that we can take a look and run it and see what happens. –  Doug Hauf Feb 14 '14 at 14:27

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I found a pie menu in this link and i had to manipulate some of the code to make it half pie

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