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I checked jQuery Path plugin, and tried to animate a DIV following along a path. I succeed to make the DIV moving along the path, but I would like the DIV to head according to the path direction ( rotate when following the beizer path ). How can I do it?

Here is my current code :

$('#car001').click(function() {
    var bezier_params = {
        start: { 
          x: 185, 
          y: 385, 
          angle: 50
        end: { 
          angle: -10, 
          length: 0.25
      $("#car001").animate({path : new $.path.bezier(bezier_params)}, 1000);

which $('#car001') contains 1 image only.

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It looks like jquery.path should be doing it with its call to atan2.

You might be better served if you switched to https://github.com/heygrady/curve, which also has a blog post with working jsfiddle demos.

I'm sure there are many other alternatives. If you're not tied to the HTML DOM, you can also try one of the many SVG libraries out there.

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