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I have a list of dates, some of which might contain null values.Now I want to display it using display table tag and make it sortable and where the date appears as null I wnat to change it to the string "NA".How can I do it? Here is my column(I am using struts 2)

<display:column property="firstLoginTime" title="First timelogged onto site" sortable="true"/>
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Apologies, I was killing time on my iphone earlier.

nb. this is just based on looking at the displaytag docs, but have you tried writing a custom comparator?

public class CustomDateComparator implements Comparator<Date> {
    public int compare(Date date1, Date date2) {
        if (date1 == null) {
            return -1;

        if (date2 == null) {
            return 1;

        return date1.compareTo(date2);

In your jsp, displaytag lets you specify a comparator like this -

   title="First timelogged onto site"
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Thanks for the links.but if I create a custom decorator for firstLoginTime column and send "NA" for null dates.Then in case of sorting it will return string sorting for the columns and not date sorting. What I want is for this column sorting will be done only for the non null dates .Null dates will apprea as "NA" other dates will remain dates and not string – Ayan Biswas Feb 4 '13 at 9:20
I think I may have been leading you up the garden path mentioning table decorators - give it a go with a custom comparator instead. – rcgeorge23 Feb 4 '13 at 15:49
thanks.It solved my problem – Ayan Biswas Feb 5 '13 at 8:26

Add property i.e. firstLoginTimeHtml to display formatted date via getter method. Then add sortProperty with your original date.
<display:column sortProperty="firstLoginTime" title="First timelogged onto site" sortable="true">
<c:out value="${row.firstLoginTimeHtml}"/>

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