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It happens to me to declare widgets by id in XML files (@+id/widget) and to forget in which XML file I have declared, especially when I have a lots of ids and XML files.

Usually I look for them in where they are nice sorted. But I see nowhere the XML file where they are declared. And I have to browse through all XML files which is annoying.

On right_click-> Open Declaration, is opened, at line:

public static final int widget=0x7f090012; maybe this is the normal behaviour but

I wander if is there a way to get from in the XML file where I have declared the widget, like @+id/widget. Or any other quick access method.

I'm using Eclipse, downloaded with "ADT Bundle".

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Using Eclipse IDE, Hold CTRL key and point the mouse the id in your java code, then a list shown, -Open Deceleration in *, example:

View v = findViewById(;

hold ctrl and point the mouse on textView1.

if you are using MAC then use Command instead Ctrl

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Thanks to all for your good answers but I found this the easiest way. – AlexAndro Feb 4 '13 at 9:13

while pressing window/command key if you in macos or ctrl if you in windows move your mouse pointer to @+id/widget and you will see different declaration places like :
/enter image description here
you will see then different xml file where you declare that id. just click any of .xml file then

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Wow! I didn't know that one. – Stephan Branczyk Feb 4 '13 at 9:13
its very useful @StephanBranczyk . what you say :) – KDeogharkar Feb 4 '13 at 9:15

In Eclipse, press Ctrl+H and type "@+id/widget". The search result will tell you all the files that contains "@+id/widget"....

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in Eclipse environment

  • click your android project then Ctrl+H
  • click File Search tab
  • type-->widget
  • choose file name patter in the next text field---> *.xml
  • in Scope section, select Workspace, hit Search button.
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You can also get it from the root directory of all the xml files.

STEP 1: Select your layout folder,

enter image description here

STEP 2: Press Control+H, enter image description here

->enter your search keyword i.e. widget // I have used btnDone

->select the scope

->Click on Search button

STEP 3: Look at the accurate results provided in Search tab, enter image description here

I hope it will be helpful !

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To avoid this kind of problem it's better to name your ids in correlation with the xml file name. For example if you have home.xml start your ids with "home_". You shouldn't need to go through You can do a file search with eclipse to find "@+id/widget".

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If you press the ctrl button while placing your cursor on the variable names in the, the link to its corresponding xml file will pop up.

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