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I am new to the flex development.i downloaded the flex4.6 sdk and i would like to write a simple application using flex .i already installed java 1.7. My environment details are IDE is eclipse (Helios) OS is Linux(Ubuntu 11.04) i tried with below links Example1 , Example2 but i am unable to understand how those examples working. please guide me or suggest any useful links for better understanding

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This Link may be helpful to you.For mine its working fine, from your second example instead of

# flex SDK home
export FLEX_SDK_HOME=/opt/flex-sdk
alias mxmlc='/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/bin/java -jar "$FLEX_SDK_HOME/lib/mxmlc.jar" +flexlib="$FLEX_SDK_HOME/frameworks" "$@"' 

i am using

# Make the FLEX compiler available
export PATH=/home/thomas/Software/flex_sdk_4.5/bin:$PATH

# Export the LPS home directory
export LPS_HOME=/home/thomas/Software/OpenLaszlo/lps-root

# Make the LZX compiler available
export PATH=/home/thomas/Software/OpenLaszlo/lps/bin:$PATH
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