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I have downloaded qt-5.0.0 for windows.


I have added INCLUDEPATH += C:\opencv\build\include in the .pro file.

Opencv 2.4.3 is already installed.

When I include header file in qtcreator :

#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp> 

There is compilation error : can not find opencv2/opencv.hpp

Any ideas ??

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I found the solution. In Qt Creator, goto Projects on the left pane ( ctrl+5), then Build Environment -> Use System Environment, click on Details. Edit LIB variable. Add here.

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Things to check:

  • does C:\opencv\build\include\opencv2\opencv.hpp actually exist?
  • does the compile command (which you can check in the Qt Creator "compile output" window) show -IC:\opencv\build\include argument in the compile command?
  • qmake should be run automatically after modifying the .pro file, but re-run it manually just in case (for example from Build menu), as suggested by the first answer
  • this should not have any effect in issue like this, but just in case: if you are using "shadow build" (which is a good idea), make sure the source dir is clean of any generated files
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The correct header files are:


… and so on. The include of "opencv.h" is deprecated! It also does not work anymore for QtCreator auto-completion.

The solution is to update your sources to use the correct header files.

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