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There's some code that I've given to and I can't even understand how it works, so hope you guys help me about it.

There's this controller folder that has a file named bs.php and a function that initiates the command executionLoop();

function executionLoop()
    global $debug_BS;

    // MUST BE DELARED TO 0 OR TO 1 - otherwise the BS doesnt work
    $debug_BS = 0;

    //check PID file exist
    $loops = 0;

    if (file_exists($this->config->item('strPIDFileName', 'BS'))) {

        //get pid id    
        $this->intPid = $this->load->file($this->config->item('strPIDFileName', 'BS'), true);

        if( $debug_BS )
            echo "File exists " . $this->config->item('strPIDFileName', 'BS') . " (PID " . $this->intPid . ")<br>";

        //check count file exist
        if (file_exists($this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS'))) {

            //check number of loops
            $intLoops = $this->load->file($this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS'), true);

            if( $debug_BS )
                echo "File exists " . $this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS') . " (Loops " . $intLoops . ")<br>";

            if ($intLoops >= $this->config->item('intMaxLoopsBeforeKill', 'BS')) {  

                if( $debug_BS )
                    echo "TOO MUCH LOOPS: Will kill process and delete the files<br>";

                //log PID
                $this->log->logEvent('Process ID: ' . $this->intPid . ' will be killed', 1);    

                //kill PID
                @exec("kill $this->intPid");

                //delete PID and Count file
                $this->deleteFile($this->config->item('strPIDFileName', 'BS'));
                $this->deleteFile($this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS'));

                //send msg to admin
                $this->mail->alertAdmin('Execution Loop process terminated', "intMaxLoopsBeforeKill attained ($loops)");

                //terminate loop            
                die("Kill process");

            write_file($this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS'), $loops + 1);
            //terminate process
            die("Write Count file (" . $loops + 1 . "loops)");


        //create file
        write_file($this->config->item('strCountFileName', 'BS'), 1);
        //terminate process
        die("Create Count file");

    if( $debug_BS )
        echo "Run the loop<br>";

    //create PID file
    $this->intPid = getmypid();
    write_file($this->config->item('strPIDFileName', 'BS'), $this->intPid);


And I have this file on config folder

$config['strPIDFileName'] = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/../data/cron/vembg.pid'; //Full path of the PID file
$config['strCountFileName'] = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/../data/cron/count/vembg.count'; //Full path of the Count file
$config['strCronFileName'] = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/../data/cron/cron/vembg.cron'; //Full path of the cron file name

It outputs 1loops) Which triggers this code above

die("Write Count file (" . $loops + 1 . "loops)");

But when I searched the file data/cron/cron/vembg.cron and the other 2 line of codes above, there's no such thing as file.

I don't really have any idea how it works though.

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it ouputs 1loops) not "Write Count file (" . $loops + 1 . "loops)" ? what is your question ? –  eicto Feb 4 '13 at 9:47
Yeah, instead of Write Count file (" . $loops + 1 . "loops) it outputs 1loops) But my desired output should call the function runLoop(); which shown below above the code that I've mentioned $this->runLoop(); –  Brian Coolidge Feb 4 '13 at 9:50

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