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I am looking for a language translator API for my project. I don't want to use the Google Translate API.

Can anyone suggest another? An open source translator would be better.

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you can use Bing (Microsoft) machine translation engine.But it is almost the same as translate.google.com Or, you can make your own english-nepali machine tanslation system (engines), e.g.use this: http://www.statmt.org/moses/ But, it will costs yo a lot of effort and time (question is whether it is worth of it). Here is some discussion what options do you have if looking for some language translator for not-so-common language: http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=4370115&type=member&item=201871372&qid=3588ce96-f0c1-4789-a72d-b00a124127ee&trk=group_most_popular-0-b-ttl&goback=.gmp_4370115

(hopefully you will be able to display it)

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thanks for your help. –  Shiningstar Apr 24 '13 at 14:09

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