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On Unix, cd - can switch back to previous directory. I was wondering if there's a similar command in tcl interpreter can do the same?

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No, there is no directory stack in Tcl, and previous directory is not remembered anywhere.

TclX provides pushd and popd commands for directory stack, but it does not modify cd command to put anything there. It can be done by command wrapping and renaming, but I wouldn't recommend it for something that can be used in a script (at least, don't override semantics of cd -).

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Tcl doesn't maintain a directory history/stack by default; you'd have to add one. You can do that in pure Tcl though:

rename cd real_cd
variable old_dir [pwd]
proc cd {directory} {
    variable old_dir
    if {$directory eq "-"} {
        set directory $old_dir
    set old_dir [pwd]
    real_cd $directory

This is a very simple version that only remembers the last location, but everything else can be built on top in the same way.

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