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I am trying to get in SQL stored procedure?

Can this be done with T-SQL or do i have to pass in the date with a parameter?

--Set Last download date

        SET @DateAndTime = ????????;

        LastDownloadDate = @DateAndTime
        FormMobiValuationId = @FormMobiValuatoinId
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Use getdate(). There is also a getutcdate() function.

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Beside using GETDATE(), You can use SYSDATETIME() [recommended for precision in sql server 2008 and above]....

Only difference lies between them is that in GETDATE(), the precision goes to millisecond whereas SYSDATETIME() do have precision upto nanosecond.

As you have tagged the question for sql server -2008, I would recommend to use SYSDATETIME()..

Note : SYSDATETIME() is not available in sql server 2005.

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