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I use vim as my IDE and I also compile with it. I don't like the fact that vim is "frozen" when you run a (terminal) command inside of it.

So what I was trying to do is running my compilation in a conqueterm and have it outputed in a file (in /tmp/) and then open it with cwindow. This is a bit far fetched I agree but the idead is here.

For now I'm using this command (binded to <F8>) but it takes my vim and i can't edit anything while it's compiling...

command -nargs=* BuildThat make -C /my_build_dir -j <args> | botright cwindow 3

So how do you vimers do this ?

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Vim can't run asynchronous tasks by default. There are a bunch of scripts written to work around this limitation:

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In the end I was having my problem in the wrong way here is what i wanted to do :… Thanks for your help :) I'm using AsyncCommand now. – b3nj1 Feb 5 '13 at 10:44

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