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I've got a hierarchy setup in my OLAP-cube and I would like to calculate the child values from a specific node without taking into account the childrens children.

   ,[RowSet] ON 1
  FROM [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089].Children

If I execute this query I get sum for every child throughout the hierarchy. (Which of course is want you want in 99% of the cases). I instead would like to get the childrens values without the grandchildren.

What I like to do is something like this (pseudo-code)

   ,[RowSet] ON 1
  FROM Except( [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089].Children, [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089].GrandChildren)

Is this possible, and if, how?

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Are you saying that the children values are NOT the aggregation of the grand-children values ? –  Marc Polizzi Feb 4 '13 at 11:55
They are the aggregation, i want them WITHOUT aggregation –  Kenny Eliasson Feb 4 '13 at 12:32

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Assuming SUM aggregation for your measure, something like that should do it:

with member val as sum( [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089], [Measures].currentMember )
    - sum( descendants( [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089], 1, SELF ), [Measures].currentMember )

select ... where val
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I need slice the data. I tried your solution and it almost worked though. WHERE DESCENDANTS( [Hierarchy].[Tree].&[24089], 1, SELF) returns the correct values if the child node in turn dont have more childs. For example - TOP -- A --- AA -- B B will show the correct value, A will be "nothing". –  Kenny Eliasson Feb 4 '13 at 15:11

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