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I want to change the appearance of QCompleter popup window. I have tried QGraphicsDropShadowEffect but it's not working because that window has system shadow. And if I combine DropShadowEffect with the platform-dependent WinApi code to disable the system shadow widget, it does not show up at all.

Disabling system shadow example:

<!-- language: lang-cpp -->
HWND hWnd = reinterpret_cast<HWND>(popup()->winId());  
DWORD windowStyle = GetClassLongW(hWnd, GCL_STYLE);          
if(windowStyle & CS_DROPSHADOW)                              
    windowStyle ^= CS_DROPSHADOW;                            
    SetClassLongW(hWnd, GCL_STYLE, windowStyle);             

Qt 5.0.1
gcc 4.7.2
Windows 7 x64

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