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I have the String content://com.android.contact/data/5032 in a variable Str1. I want to manipulate Str1 so that I will get 5032 in another string variable.

Can anyone suggest the answer?

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what have you tried? Look At the String class api. use regex and replace() –  Bhavik Shah Feb 4 '13 at 10:37
i am trying split function with "/" but yet to get desired result. –  Mayur Shah Feb 4 '13 at 10:38

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String str1 = "content://com.android.contact/data/5032"
String val = str1.substring(str1.lastIndexOf("//")+1);
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If you want go get digits from the given string try this:

String str = "content://com.android.contact/data/5032";
String str2 = str.replaceAll("\\D+","");



If you want to split try this:

String[] string = str.split("//|/");
System.out.println(string[string.length -1 ]);


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if you only want the last 4 chars, you can do something like this

String s = "this is a string";
String ss = s.substring(s.length()-4, s.length());

but if you need to extract the number from random positions, you will have to use regular expressions.

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Please write names of variables starting with a small letter. You can use the split method to do this. You might find this related question interesting: string split in java.

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Thanks. It was useful. –  Mayur Shah Feb 4 '13 at 10:49
String str1 = "content://com.android.contact/data/5032";
String str2 = str1.substring(str1.lastIndexOf("/")+1, str1.length());
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