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Given a URL like: http:// host:port/app/whatever.js

IE(Internet Explorer) attempts to download whatever.js, instead of rendering(or executing) it on the browser. I am using IE8/WinXP

How can i make IE render(/execute) the .js instead (of prompting for a download)?

(On FireFox/Chrome whatever.js is rendered correctly, but not in IE.)

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Serve it with a supported Content-Type: – PointedEars Feb 4 '13 at 11:00
Matt> That is JSON example. How do i do that for JavaScript? PointedEars> The Javascript is a static javascript hosted by someone else, so i can't really make changes to it. Also i checked in fiddler the response header is already: application/javascript (as expected) – Jasper Feb 4 '13 at 12:29
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I realized that the behavior that IE is exhibiting is correct - thats the default behavior. IE will prompt for .js file to be downloaded if you give URL of .js directly in the browser bar.

But if the .js is invoked via HTML <script src="whatever.js"> tag, then the JavaScript is executed.

Therefore, there isn't really a case for .js to be rendered.

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