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A simple programm

    DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(System.in);

Behaves somewhat weird: it refuses to output the inputed text... I use terminal to input some text into it, but there's nothing in the output. What's wrong with it?

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It's not weird at all. readUTF expects a very specific length-prefixed format as written by DataOutputStream. That's not what your terminal will be providing. See the documentation in DataInput.readUTF for more details.

You should generally just use a Scanner or create an InputStreamReader around System.in, and a BufferedReader around that, and use BufferedReader.readLine().

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DataInputStream is for reading binary data. readUTF expects a two byte unsigned length followed by the characters in UTF-8. (If you are intreested you can read it's documentation hint, hint)

I suspect what you intended to use was Scanner which is designed to read text.

Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);
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Can you try like

String str;
while((str = in.readUTF()) != null) {
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