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I need to read an XML file (bigger then 1 GB size) and load the data into a database. If I use LINQ will reading be faster than using an XmlReader?

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Google can answer that question for you:… – randoms Feb 4 '13 at 11:17

XDocument (LINQ to XML) and XmlDocument are meant for smaller files, they are so-called DOM parsers. The reason for this is that they load the complete document into the memory and parse it.

XmlReader is a SAX parser and is meant for big files, because only small chunks are read and the check for well-formedness occurs while reading.

Which files count as "small" and "big" actually depends on certain factors like the installed memory in your machine.

In general, for any decent sized XML file, XmlReader should be the fastest solution regarding raw execution time, but it also is by far the hardest API to implement and understand. Especially for novices with this API, the implementation time is significantly higher than with the other APIs.

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