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Looks like all the REST Client tools on my Chrome suddenly do not send POST requests properly. They send GET requests even though I select the POST option.

I am developing a web application using node.js backend server. I always use the chrome extension "Postman - REST Client" for testing my backend services. For example, I have a /foo handler which receives POST requests and returns some results, and a /bar handler that receives GET requests. I could test those handlers properly until yesterday, when my POST requests to /foo get a response: "Cannot GET /foo", which normally happens when I send a GET request to /foo. And when I send POST requests to /bar (which normally should return "Cannot POST /bar") but get no error message but a proper GET result.

I tried some other REST Client tools on Chrome, like "REST Console", "Advanced REST Client", but all of them have the same behavior. However, my frontend webpage can access those handlers correctly with AJAX POST/GET calls. Is anything wrong with my backend server, or my Chrome browser?

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All REST Client tools cannot be wrong at the same time right? May be you should look into your application. –  Subir Kumar Sao Feb 4 '13 at 11:17
Always helpful to use the Chrome Network inspector to see what request is eventually sent. –  Abhinav Feb 4 '13 at 18:07

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