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how to fetch array where catid= "someid" ?

i did try this but didn't work

public function findCatArr($catid)
    $select = $this->getDbTable()->select();
    ))->where("catid"." LIKE '%".$catid."%'");
    $row = $this->getDbTable()->fetchAll($select);

    if (0 == count($row)) {

        return $row->toArray();

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I think you want:

->where('catid = ?', $catid);

If you really want to do a LIKE search, then it's:

->where('catid LIKE ?', '%'.$catid.'%');

but only use that if you need it, as a LIKE search is considerably slower than a straight indexed lookup.

If $catid is an array of IDs, then this should work:

->where('catid IN (?)', $catid);
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Note the use of the placeholder (?) in the where() this is very important as many classes in Zend_Db no longer support the old syntax style with concatenated variables. –  RockyFord Feb 6 '13 at 14:22

Fetching an array in zend base on id

$select->where("catid = ?", $catid);

Based on LIKE search in Zend

$select->where("catid LIKE ?", '%'.$catid.'%');

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