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My CMakeLists.txt needs to include oem.cmake as

INCLUDE (oem.cmake)

The content of oem.cmake looks like


but it must be generated by a lua script

lua generate_oem_conf.lua "<oem>"

I tried ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND, but it will not be executed and reports oem.cmake is not found.

Any way to make oem.cmake to generate before including?

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The problem is, that the command that you give to add_custoum_command runs when you compile your program.
include needs the file you want to include during configuration, i.e. when you run cmake.

You can use execute_process for commands you want to run during configuration.
For example

execute_process(COMMAND "lua" "generate_oem_conf.lua \"<oem>\""


For this to work lua has to be in your PATH. Maybe you have to escape the < and > characters.

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Thanks. It works. – Like Feb 6 '13 at 15:05

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