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Using the gen_scripting plugin for Winamp you must instantiate the object. In VBS this is

Set winamp = CreateObject("gen_scripting.WinAmp")

However, I'm pretty sure that the same plug-in can be used to script Winamp using Jscript (or possibly even Javascript - a better choice for me). So, I've tried

var winamp = Object.create("gen_scripting.WinAmp");
x = winamp.GetVersion();

Only that doesn't work. Any help to get me started would be appreciated

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JScript analog of VBScript CreateObject() is new ActiveXObject().

Also, alert is a browser-specific function; in Windows shell scripts you should use WScript.Echo.

var winamp = new ActiveXObject("gen_scripting.WinAmp");
var x = winamp.GetVersion();
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Thank you. That works fine (just as long as you remember to run Winamp first) :) – Ghoul Fool Feb 6 '13 at 9:18

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