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I'm using GenomicRanges to find which transcripts from one experiment overlap with those coming from other one.

   knowngene  chr strand Start    Gene
1 uc001aaa.3  chr1    +  9873 16409   DDX11L1
2 uc001aac.4  chr1    - 12361 31370  WASH7P
3 uc001aae.4  chr1    - 12361 21759  WASH7P
object_one<-with(to_ranges, GRanges(chr, IRanges(Start,End), 
object_two<-with(to_ranges, GRanges(chr, IRanges(Start,End), 
                                     strand,names=knowngene, Gene=Gene))
solution <- data.frame([as.matrix(mm)[,1],]),

What I am trying to find is the WIDTH of the overlapped segment between the hits in the solution data frame, however the only width I could get is the related to the original transcripts before the overlapping procedure.

Could you help me pleas?

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You can apply the ranges function over hits class( results of findOverlaps) . ranges returns a Ranges holding the intersection of the ranges in the Ranges objects query and subject.

You don't supply a reproducible example , so here an example :

query <- IRanges(c(1, 4, 9), c(5, 7, 10))
subject <- IRanges(c(2, 2, 10), c(2, 3, 12))
mm <- findOverlaps(query,subject)
Ranges of length 3
    start end width
[1]     2   2     1
[2]     2   3     2
[3]    10  10     1
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