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I spent some reading to figure out how to perform a complete file upload process with Windows RT. The "circumstances" regarding StorageFolder, StorageFile, security box model and such stuff is (at least known, but well known) subjects. Perhaps I started at wrong end, but I hope experts out there can help this question a meaning.

I have a - Windows 8 App Store project. - WinRT Business DLL Project. - WinRT Unit Test Project.

This will keep me sure that i work with WinRT related objects.

The question is: How do I perform a file stream from my test project to logic in Business DLL project? So I can i.e. stream the uploaded file to application temp folder?

As a paranthese. From within the Windows 8 App Store Project I'm honestly also try to success let the FileOpenPicker give me the stream, not just the filename. The question attached below added some useful information. Though i feel it's more verbose then needed?!

save stream to file in c# and winrt

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From you test project, you can use FileIO.ReadBufferAsync to get data into an IBuffer. Once you have that, you can read or write it with a DataReader or DataWriter as you please. Check out this example on how to manipulate the data with readers and writers.

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Thank's. It also appear that I have to manually copy the file into a directory which WinRT have access to, when it came to the Unit Test Project. As far as I see, I can just simulate a fileupload with copy the file into Installation StorageFolder. All other possibilites either require me to stream (from unsafe path), path is not read-able or the path are removed after application quits. –  Independent Feb 5 '13 at 7:44

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