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I'm wondering if you could offer some advice here on how to write Javascript animation code for performing great animation on Bootstrap fluid grid system.

My idea for is that I have a simple page that comes with search field and a button. When user enters some keywords and presses the button to submit, user get a returned result set and gets display in the grid, in a cool animated behaviour.

I'm thinking along the line of, and I check their Effect.appear() and Effect.fade() examples. I want to combine these two effects on fluid grid such that when an outline grid will appear (in a delayed manner) and the returned data that appears in the rows/columns of the grid will have the fade effect. That should do finish the job.

I'm wondering if I could incorporate the great animation framework of into Boostrap and get these two work with each other as I build my language translation app.

Hope that makes sense..

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I finally resolved this problem.

I got it working.

There's an ordered sequence of how I should load Scriptaculous and Bootstrap js libraries.

It turns out I need to load the core Bootstrap js libraries in tag first before I load Scriptaculous js's!

Then I need to include jQuery.noConflict method as these two core libraries use jquery a lot so there's going to be some conflicts that will be occurred when writing jquery code.

After all that, it works fine from there!

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