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I am working on GEF project.In that project I want to drag and drop figures from palette into GEF editor. I tried by adding some listeners but still I am not able to drag and drop.

This is my code:

public class OPMGraphicalEditor extends GraphicalEditorWithFlyoutPalette {

private Resource opdResource;
private ObjectProcessDiagram opd;

public OPMGraphicalEditor() {
    setEditDomain(new DefaultEditDomain(this));

protected PaletteViewerProvider createPaletteViewerProvider() {
    return new PaletteViewerProvider(getEditDomain()) {
        protected void configurePaletteViewer(PaletteViewer viewer) {
            viewer.addDragSourceListener(new TemplateTransferDragSourceListener(

private TransferDropTargetListener createTransferDropTargetListener() {
    return new TemplateTransferDropTargetListener(getGraphicalViewer()) {
        protected CreationFactory getFactory(Object template) {
            return new NodeCreationFactory((Class<OPMObject>) template, getModel());

        private Object getModel() {

            return null;

@Override protected void initializeGraphicalViewer() {
    GraphicalViewer viewer = getGraphicalViewer();
            new TemplateTransferDragSourceListener(getPaletteViewerProvider().getEditDomain().getPaletteViewer()));

    // listen for dropped parts

protected void setGraphicalViewer(GraphicalViewer viewer) {
    this.getGraphicalViewer().addDropTargetListener(new TemplateTransferDropTargetListener(getGraphicalViewer()));


@Override protected void configureGraphicalViewer() {
    getGraphicalViewer().setEditPartFactory(new OPMEditPartFactory());

protected PaletteRoot getPaletteRoot() {
    PaletteRoot palette = new PaletteRoot();
    Activator activator = Activator.getDefault();
    IWorkbench workbench = activator.getWorkbench();
    IWorkbenchWindow workbenchWindow = workbench.getActiveWorkbenchWindow();
    ISelectionService selectionService = workbenchWindow
    ISelection selection = selectionService.getSelection();
    return new OPMGraphicalEditorPalette();


@Override public void doSave(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
    if(opdResource == null) {

    try {;
    } catch(IOException e) {

        opdResource = null;

@Override public void init(IEditorSite site, IEditorInput input) throws PartInitException {
    super.init(site, input);


private void loadInput(IEditorInput input) {
    OpmPackage.eINSTANCE.eClass(); // This initializes the OPMPackage singleton implementation.
    ResourceSet resourceSet = new ResourceSetImpl();
    if(input instanceof IFileEditorInput) {
        IFileEditorInput fileInput = (IFileEditorInput) input;
        IFile file = fileInput.getFile();
        opdResource = resourceSet.createResource(URI.createURI(file.getLocationURI().toString()));
        try {
            ObjectProcessDiagram opd = (ObjectProcessDiagram) opdResource.getContents().get(0);
        catch(IOException e) {
            opdResource = null;


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You have to do two things:

  1. Add a target drop target listener to your graphical viewer: getGraphicalViewer().addDropTargetListener(new TemplateTransferDropTargetListener(getGraphicalViewer()));
  2. Add a drag source listener listener to the palette: getEditDomain().getPaletteViewer().addDragSourceListener( new TemplateTransferDragSourceListener(getEditDomain().getPaletteViewer()));
  3. change your creation tools to CombinedTemplateCreationEntry

A more thorough explanation can be found in the blog post I created for the occasion

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I tried out by adding these 3 things u have mentioned above...But still its not working.I really not getting what is the reason.Its not generating any figures on Editor.Its not displaying any figures.I tried by taking your code only from your tutorials..Can you please tel me what may be the problem – user123 Feb 7 '13 at 11:02
Does your editor work without D&D? – vainolo Feb 7 '13 at 11:42
ya...thank you :-) its working perfectly now... – user123 Feb 11 '13 at 5:05

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