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How do I know which version of Gtest is being used in the project I'm working with? I'm working on a linux platform.

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are you infusing or linking? –  BЈовић Feb 4 '13 at 13:04
@BЈовић Linking –  Baz Feb 4 '13 at 13:08
What files of gtest do you see within your project? Can you find the folder where gtest/gtest.h is in? –  Strubbl Feb 6 '13 at 19:09

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The source code of libgtest or libgtest_main libraries doesn't contain special functions which allow recognize their version (something like GetGTestVersion () or something else). Also header files doesn't have any defined identifiers (something like GTEST_VERSION or something else). So you can’t check version of Google C++ Testing Framework at runtime inside user code.

But maintainers provide as part of the framework special script scripts/gtest-conf which:

provides access to the necessary compile and linking
flags to connect with Google C++ Testing Framework, both in a build prior to
installation, and on the system proper after installation.

Among other things this script has several options which connected with version:

Installation Queries:
--version the version of the Google Test installation

Version Queries:
--min-version=VERSION return 0 if the version is at least VERSION
--exact-version=VERSION return 0 if the version is exactly VERSION
--max-version=VERSION return 0 if the version is at most VERSION

The script also contain usage example of it:

gtest-config --min-version=1.0 || echo "Insufficient Google Test version."

It means that user can test version of the framework in build time using script gtest-config.


The script gtest-config get actual version of the framework during configuration through variables declared in

AC_INIT([Google C++ Testing Framework],

And after calling autoconf the following identifiers inside configure file populated:

# Identity of this package.
PACKAGE_NAME='Google C++ Testing Framework'
PACKAGE_STRING='Google C++ Testing Framework 1.7.0'
# Define the identity of the package.

As far the framework compiled with option AC_CONFIG_HEADERS this identifiers stored into file build-aux/config.h and availiable for user at compile time.

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The file CHANGES, in the gtest home directory, contains a gtest version number.

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