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I'm using codeigniter framework since any output i have this chars "´╗┐´╗┐"


$config['charset'] = 'UTF-8';

my print http://web.wipix.com.br/Capturar.PNG

/* Model */
public function AllVotos()

$select = $this->db->query("SELECT SUM(voto = '0') as insatisfatorio,   SUM(voto = '1') as bom, SUM(voto = '2') as excelente FROM qr_wiplay_participacoes ");

$config = array (
            'root'    => 'root',
            'element' => 'element',
            'newline' => "\n",
            'tab'     => "\t"

return $this->dbutil->xml_from_result($select, $config);

/* Controller */

public function AllVotos(){

$xml = $this->home_model->AllVotos();



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I get ´╗┐<root></root> when I execute type a.xml on a utf-8 file with BOM (using Windows cmd too), and only <root></root> when I do the same in a file without BOM. So ´╗┐ must be the BOM in your command line's codepage. I don't know why you are getting those symbols twice, though. –  Jong Bor Lee Feb 4 '13 at 13:22
Please provide the hexdump of that XML string, see stackoverflow.com/a/1057579/367456 - and not as screenshot, just as formatted text inside your question. –  hakre Feb 6 '13 at 0:52
Thanks for the comments. My problem isn't in "string" but in page output, when xml is generated the strange characters not appear, i just see when I executed "type allvotos.xml" in windows cmd if my page output is null the strange characters too appear. I think it's something related to Codeigniter framework –  Tuyoshi Vinicius Feb 6 '13 at 11:08

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this is because the files are with BOM signature use your editor to remove the signatures Dreamweaver

Modify => Properties page => Title / Encoding => Clear => Include Unicode Signature (BOM)
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