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I have got this example for inserting data into funsiontables...

The code basically creates a new table and store its id into a variable to support the insert, update or delete functions. The code is from 2010/2011 and I think google has change table_id format since then because I am getting the error below in the following line:

return 'INSERT INTO %d (%s) VALUES (%s)' % \
  (int(table_id), ','.join(["'%s'" % col for col in cols]), stringValues)


 (int(table_id), ','.join(["'%s'" % col for col in cols]), stringValues)
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '1PHHo1h0tA0VxI09mAH0AH_IDNUpN5Hm-aTaAqO0'

I could simply change it to a simple SQL statement, but I am sure I will need to handle table_id or row_id in the next steps of the project. So, I would like to keep the way it has been done and if possible fix it. However, I could not understand the problem in the conversion to int over the table_id "1PHHo1h0tA0VxI09mAH0AH_IDNUpN5Hm-aTaAqO0"...

The function int() supports any integer or string...

Could anyone help me with that?

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The table_id does not appear to be a numeric integer.

You could try to modify the code as follows:

return 'INSERT INTO %s (%s) VALUES (%s)' % \
 (table_id, ','.join(["'%s'" % col for col in cols]), stringValues)

In other words, using table_id as a simple string.

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