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I want to display in a Column navigation property like city_Name I wrote this code but Nothing happens

      <DataGrid Margin="210,15"  Grid.Row="1" CanUserAddRows="False" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Name="dg_Super" RowHeight="20" >
            <DataGridTextColumn Width="*" Header="Super Name"   Binding="{Binding Path=SupermarketName, Mode=OneTime}"></DataGridTextColumn>
            <DataGridTextColumn Width="*" Header="City"  Binding="{Binding Path=City1.CityName, Mode=OneTime}"></DataGridTextColumn>

and the the c# code

            var super = mh.Supermarkets;
            dg_Super.ItemsSource = super.ToList();

City1 is anavigation property from ef model. Please what is wrong here?

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In your query - perhaps add the Include method:

var super = mh.Supermarkets.Include("City1")

Because EF doens't know it has to get data from the "City" table. If the query uses a field from the City table, you don't have to include Include("City") - EF can then detect that you need data from the table, thus it automaticly loads the City table

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Well done thank you very much (with City1) –  user1095549 Feb 4 '13 at 14:01
you are very welcome - plz mark the answer as correnct- thanks –  Jens Kloster Feb 4 '13 at 14:03
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