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It is possible to set global configuration parameters with the bees config:set -ac account command, but is it somehow possible to also tell to which environment a global parameter is meant?

For example, I have 2 environments, production and demo. I would like to set database URI parameter to be same for all the app deployments to production environment and another value for it for the demo environment. I can of course set the parameter for each and every application separately, but I have many apps and it would be great having to set it only once as it is the same value for all apps deployed with the same environment.

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configuration parameters are per application ID, not per account, so you can't get it set once for all your applications. Need to config:set all application you have deployed

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Ok, thanks. Too bad it can't be set per environment. But it's a minor issue anyway. – Kaitsu Feb 5 '13 at 14:32

What I tend to do is have different environments as different applications - this means I can keep them all running (so that means the different environment settings naturally apply when I deploy).

Another idea for a pattern (I haven't used this) - is that where you refer to env vars/system properties that are environment specific, you use a prefix that is another var, that is the env name.

For example

DB = System.getProperty(System.getProperty("ENV_NAME") + "_DB");

So you can then have environment vars/properties that follow the pattern of:

bees config:set -ac blah PROD_DB=<url here>
bees config:set -ac blah DEV_DB=<url here>
bees config:set -ac blah ENV_NAME=DEV #this is the default

And then to set a specific environment for an app:

bees config:set -a appId ENV_NAME=PROD

So whatever you set the ENV_NAME to means it selects what "set" of vars apply.

Just an idea (never used it though).

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+1 Thanks Michael for these ideas! – Kaitsu Feb 6 '13 at 6:18
if it works well for you - let me know here and I can formally document it ! – Michael Neale Feb 6 '13 at 7:04

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