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How do you standardize only the numerical predictors in a linear model?

I know that I can simply scale the original numerical data. However, I want to write a function that takes an lm object as an argument and returns the standardized beta coefficients for the numerical predictors only.

Here is an example:

mod1 <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Width, data = iris)
mod1.b <- update(mod1, scale(.) ~ scale(.))

This works without problems. But when I include a factor, it gives an error message.

mod2 <- lm(Sepal.Length ~ Petal.Width + Species, data = iris)
mod2.b <- update(mod2, scale(.) ~ scale(.)) #Gives an error

So, how can I scale only the numerical predictors in the second example?

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Hi @johannes this question seems to be just about how to do something in R, so it is a better fit on StackOverflow. – Peter Flom Feb 4 '13 at 11:34
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Try to change the design matrix of the lm object. For example, we could do the following:

design.matrix <- mod2$model

numeric.columns <- design.matrix[,unlist(lapply(design.matrix,is.numeric))]
scaled.numeric.columns <- scale(numeric.columns)

Now we replace the numeric columns in the data.frame with the scales ones:

design.matrix[,unlist(lapply(design.matrix,is.numeric))] <- scaled.numeric.columns 

Finally, update the lm object:

mod2.b <- update(mod2, data = design.matrix)
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