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i generate radio buttons using Yii the code looks like

    <span class="gender">
       <?php echo CHtml::activeRadioButton($model,'gender',array('value' => 'male')); ?>

  <span class="gender">
       <?php echo CHtml::activeRadioButton($model,'gender',array('value' => 'female')); ?>

It's generate next HTML code

    <span class="gender">
<input id="ytweb\models\register_gender" type="hidden" value="0" name="web\models\register[gender]">

<input value="male" class="male" name="web\models\register[gender]"id="web\models\register_gender" type="radio"></span>

<span class="gender">
<input id="ytweb\models\register_gender" type="hidden" value="0" name="web\models\register[gender]">

<input value="female" class="female" name="web\models\register[gender]" id="web\models\register_gender" type="radio">


when i get POST from this form, if i checked female it returns female, but if i cheked male it returns 0. I think it is because of identical inputs ids. But how can i avoid it?

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You can configure activeRadioButton to not output the "guard input" with value 0. Do this by passing the parameter 'uncheckValue' => null as part of your options array:

echo CHtml::activeRadioButton($model,'gender',
    array('value' => 'male', 'uncheckValue' => null));
echo CHtml::activeRadioButton($model,'gender',
   array('value' => 'female', 'uncheckValue' => null));

That said, using activeRadioButtonList is the best choice here. You can configure its template parameter to specify your custom HTML:

$genders = array('male' => 'male', 'female' => 'female');
$options = array(
    'template'     => '<span class="gender">{input</span>',
    'uncheckValue' => null,
echo CHtml::activeRadioButtonList($model, 'genger', $genders, $options);
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it's really works! Thank you! –  Nikita Platonenko Feb 4 '13 at 14:31
@NikitaPlatonenko: You might want to use activeRadioButtonList anyway. It's a better match for the job. –  Jon Feb 4 '13 at 14:34

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