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Possible Duplicate:
How to execute an UPDATE only if one row would be affected?

I have an update query in SQL Server 2005

update custom_graphics_files 
set actual_file_Name = @CorrectName 
where actual_file_Name = @FileName

Now if there are more than one actual_file_name, I want to skip the update query,

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update t
set t.actual_file_Name = @CorrectName 
FROM custom_graphics_files t
   SELECT actual_file_Name, COUNT(*) TheCount
   FROM custom_graphics_files 
   GROUP BY actual_file_Name
) t2 ON t.actual_file_Name = t2.actual_file_Name AND TheCount = 1
where t.actual_file_Name = @FileName;
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I like using window functions for this purpose:

with toupdate as (
      select cgf.*, COUNT(*) over (PARTITION by actual_file_name) as ActCnt
      from custom_graphics_files
update toupdate
    set actual_file_Name = @CorrectName 
    where actual_file_Name = @FileName and ActCnt = 1

On a large table, this may not be the most efficient solution, depending on the selectivity of actual_file_Name = @FileName.

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This is the most "readable" query you can get :

update custom_graphics_files 
set actual_file_Name = @CorrectName 
where actual_file_Name = @FileName
and (select count(1) from custom_graphics_files where actual_file_Name = @FileName) = 1
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