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Is there an XML pull parser (similar to Java StAX) for Haskell?

I am envisioning using it with a pure function that accepts a parser. My function will call something like nextItem parser and pattern-match on the result (StartElement, EndElement, Text, EntityRef, etc.) My function can then call itself recursively to process child elements, etc., constructing a private data structure as it traverses the XML "tree".

As I understand it, pull-parsing should have better performance than constructing an internal representation of the DOM, then traversing it, although I don't know if this is true in a lazy language.

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You can use xml-conduit, which provides both streaming and full-document modules. The streaming parsing module Text.XML.Stream.Parse also provides a number of helper combinators.

It's true that if you had a truly lazy data source, there would be no (significant) performance difference between a pull parser and dealing with the lazy list. However, XML parsing usually involves I/O. conduit is designed to give you a high-level approach to these kinds of parsing issues.

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I'll check it out (Appendix F in your book). – Ralph Feb 4 '13 at 17:24

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